BK Mod done (no squirt!)

I got through all the steps of the BK Mod (which

was a snap thanks to posts from fellow TT'ers).

So now I'm ready for the fun part (adjusting

duration/timing of the fuel "squirts"); I

filled my tank with gas, connected the fuel

line, switched the petcock to "on" and waited a few minutes for the bowl to fill, then while

holding the carb upright and to the side of the bike, I manually turned the throttle cable wheel over and over waiting for the gas... dry as a bone.

Am I missing a simple step here?

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Make sure the squirt duration screw (the one you drilled and tapped)is backed off so that it is not touching the accel. pump arm. When you twist the throttle, you should be able to see the black accel. pump arm move toward the screw. You should be getting a squirt as the arm moves.

If still no success, you might have to disassemble and clean the accelerator pump assembly, and maybe even the entire carb.

Mine did the same thing. It didn't start to work until after I put the carb back on the bike with everything hooked up. Why? I have NO idea! :)

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Thanks Tim:

I thought I had checked for clearance of the

newly installed adjustment screw and the accel

pump arm, but I re-checked after reading your

post and it was barely clear and still impeding


I backed the screw off more and now I'm squirting

gas all over the garage at 1:15 AM!!!

Thanks alot for your reply, I really appreciate

the help!!!

Glad you got it working Mike. Also, make sure that after you set both of the adjustment screws (squirt timing first, then duration), go back and re-check them. I discovered that adjusting one of the screws affects the other's setting. Try to get them as close as possible before reinstalling the carb.

Then take a screwdriver with you when you take it out for the first test ride, because you'll likely have to do some more fine adjusting on the screws. I had to make about 10 to 15 small adjustments between the two screws before I found the "sweet spot"! And man is it sweet!!! :)

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