Gas cap exhaust/breather tube

This may be extremely fundamental, BUT...

While riding yesterday, all of a sudden, my bike started coughing and chugging like crazy. This coughing was random, but would cause the bike to die.

Long story short - I realized that the breather tube coming out of the gas cap was simply being pinched by my handlebar pad. I removed my square pad and presto, tube wasn't pinched anymore. Bike ran fine after that. :D

Like I said, this may be awfully fundamental, but for the mechanically challenged like myself, this coughing and sputtering scared the hell out of me. :)

Ride on!

I had the same problem, however it was mud clogging my carb vent hoses. It sputtered and missed until I shook out the mud mid-ride. It clogged again towards the end of the ride (lot's of mud, hehe).

I'll have to remember that one too. Thanks!

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