Bryan - Staintune


I will make this simple. I have tried 4 pipes in all. DSP, E-series, Stocker and Staintune. The best one for low to mid range. The staintune!!!! Yes, it was specifically designed with that range in mind... A little pricy, but worth it.... I can get a whole system for AU$700 which is about US$450. If you like, I could pick one up and have it mailed to you when I get in country again.. about 2 weeks from noe



Motard Mitch


How loud is it compared to stock/unbaffled stock?

How loud is it and does it have a spark arrestor??


Hey guys,

It is a little quieter than the stock without a baffle and most certainly quieter than my DSP. It does come with a spark arrestor.

Some of the teams who race the Thumper Nats in Oz (Honda and Yamaha race teams) use the Staintune.


Hey Mitchy,

Who sells this "Staintune"?



R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000' WR400

E-Series "Randy Hawkins" replica & Tapered header, Renthals, WB fame guards, Devol Rad. guards,

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