Can some one tell me why every one in USA buys a WR then puts YZ stuff on it. can't you buy a YZ and put a light kit on it.

98 WR4,jims hi rise bars,B&B bash plate and rear guard brace,lowerd foot pegs.devol rad guards. works conection frame guards. vortex switchable ignition. :)


That's an easy answer.

If you bought a YZ, put a bigger tank on it, lighting and flywheel weights. You'd be into the bike for quite a bit more money than a new WR and you still would not have the wider ratio gear box for higher speed stuff and crawling. The WR with the YZ timing gives you the best of both worlds for most off-road riding. If you are just going to ride MX though, the YZ is the way to go.

Many riders that ride mostly tight stuff, especially out east, find it better to stay with the WR timing since the power band is a little more controllable. But, that's all personal preference based on terrain and riding style.

Many riders put on the YZ tank and seat (same gallons as stock WR though) because it is slimmer than the WR tank and allows them to get way up on the tank for weighting the front tire in turns. Again, personal preference though.


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Yes, the perfect bike for me is a cross between the wr and the yz. It is way easier and way cheaper to get the wr and change the tank/seat, timing (free) and jetting, and suspension specs. If you were to get the yz and add a lighting coil ($500) plus the lights, kickstand, and trans gears (huge $$$) you'd be doing it the hard way. Plus the wr has bigger rads than the '98-'99 yz, an overflow bottle, 18" wheel for less pinch flats in rocky stuff, an odometer, spark arrestor, a VIN number that's easier to street register, ect...


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