06/07 yz450 fork seals

What are you guys finding to be a good replacement for the fork seals on these bikes?

Mine just started to leak and I am lookin to order new ones.


I recommend the MSR-HP seals (TT Store). They've worked out very well for the 5 '06's I've put them in. The kit comes with new dust seals that are also more effective. The set to use is the one listed for the '04-'05 YZ450 (last time I checked, there wasn't one shown for the '06)

An alternative that's much better than the originals is the seal for an '04 YZ450. It's a much more robust, two-way seal.

Yep, that's them.

listen to Gray....i took his advice and im pleased with the quality. THey def seem like they will hold up better than the stock 07 ones. Stock 07 ones suck!!!!!

Stock 07 ones suck!!!!!
I think the idea was to reduce the friction caused by seal drag. There's a trade off in that, though.

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