Timing - YZ V's WR

Hey guys.

Sorry for the lack of feedback.

I went trail ruding with a friend this weekend. We were both on WR's. Mine with YZ timing and his with WR timing. Carb setting were identical. The major differences I noticed when we swapped bikes

1. The ability to rev quickly. The YZ timed bikes reved quicker

2. Rev-out. YZ reved out further and more agressively

3. Power to ground. In wetter conditions and tighter trails, the WR hooked up better. The YZ spinned a little more before the tires 'bit' the dirt

4. Cluth abuse. Personally speaking, a little more finese is required for the YZ timing, particularly on hill climbs.

Overall. Really, the noticeable difference was the 'quickness' the bike responded and the overall surge forward (power). If you want a smoother ride through the trees, go the WR timning. If you want a nose bleed, seat of your pants and hand shake with God ride, go the YZ timing



Motard Mitch

By the way, we both ran DSP header and exhaust

Ya, I didn't really realise how much of a difference there was until I traded off with a friend on another wr. His bike just kind of ran out of steam as you passed through the midrange and mine just charged hard all the way up to the shift point.


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Yep, that is exactly the way I saw it.....

I agree 100 percent Mitch. Nice to have you back by the way.

I went back to WR timing from YZ timing a couple of weeks ago and missed the extra power. That's when I knew what I wanted. Do I need that extra burst of power to make me ride better? Absolutely not! No Way! But it sure is fun. And FUN is the ONLY reason I ride.

It definately has a different stall rpm and characteristic. But, I can gladly say I'm totally dialed into that difference and it isn't an issue any more. Will I go through a clutch a little faster? Probably. Will it be worth it for the extra fun I'm feeling when I open her up? Definately!

I might go through a few extra brake pads too since on extremely steep stuff I have to use the brake a little more. But overall, if I need engine braking, I just drop down one gear lower than before.

To tell you the truth, I don't even notice any of those differences any more since I'm used to the different power and characteristics of the bike. I consider it the same as going to a different motorcycle and having to get used to the engine and traits of that new bike. It took about 2 or 3 rides to get to that point and now it's a non-issue.

There is NOTHING like the feeling of cracking the throttle open in 3rd gear and having the bike COMPLETELY RIP!

So, I'm here to stay.

However, I completely understand those that like the smoother power of the WR timing better. It's all a matter of personal preference, riding style and terrain.



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