Motorcycle Oil vs. "Car" Oil

I found an interesting and objective test report comparing motorcycle oil and "car" oil. Check it out at:

You will find that some car oils are better than high priced motorcycle oils.

This may even save you some money to buy more cool stuff for your WR.

Eric in WA


Are you going to volunteer to go buy Mobil One, ride on it for 1500 miles and let us know your results. If the engine does not blow, let us know and maybe you will get some converts. Interesting article.


I use Mobil 1, but it's the Racing 4T variation designed for high performace motorcycle engines with wet multi plates clutches. The Mobil that I run in my car is a completly different oil, and would make the clutch slip as it's a friction modified oil. Also the Racing 4T is about the same price, which is unusual for Australia, about $45 for 4lt. We pay $100 for 4lt of Motul !!

Product Data Sheet for Racing 4T


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

Almost a 2000' WR400

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