13 tooth for trail riding, it rips

On my 00 WR i changed my counter from a 14 to a 13 and realy rips now and the bike still has good top end, now when i'am in the real tight woods i do not use my clutch that much were before i had to always be on it.

And the lower to mid range is much better, pull the front wheel on command any place any time it's great.

Thanks guys for all your imput in to this matter, it works.


2000 WR400F

Glad you like it-just ordered one yesterday!

Good idea William. I might do this for my YZ timed WR. What's you top speed now? Any guesses?

Not sure the top end but i ride only trail and fire roads, but it still is hauling ass, my best guess would be about 10 to 15 miles slower than stock.

If you ride open desert it might not have the top end your looking for, but any place else it will work fine.


2000 WR400F

I just installed the 13 tooth also and went riding yesterday in some tight nasty stuff. What a difference and for only $18! It will definitely save on the clutch. I also intalled a "Tall Foam and Seat Cover" from Guts Racing before this ride. Boy, did it minimize the soreness while making the seat to tank transition smooth. The height is an issue, but being 6'2" it's not a problem.

now that you have a 13 counter go with a 12oz flywheel you want belive what this bike can do.


Monty, what will the 12 0z do ? please explain


2000 WR400F

willam the 12oz flywheel and 13 counter will give the bike trials like ability and very fast exceloration.Dosn't seam to hurt top end that much but i don't ride faster then 60 to 70 mph any way my speedo goe's to 120mph but i'll never see that i have had it to 70mph on open road[dual sport rides] most of my rideing is trail and fire road northern ca. hope this helps


I went to a 13 also but will change back to the 14. I ride mostly desert and find that I'm switching between 3 & 4 gear way too much. With the 14, I can take advatage of the bottom end in 3rd while getting up to a good speed before the next turn. It feels like the top end dropped about 15-20 mph, and my brother can now pass me on his 94 KTM 440 when I have it pegged. I may try a 14 with a 51 rear and see how that is.

Does anyone know if the 99 and 2K bikes have the same transmission and sprockets? Out here in NH w/ these f-ing goat trails, it can be handful.


I run 13/50 with one link removed from the stock chain and the wheel is just about all the up in the swingarm. Also I just raised my forks a bit more (the top of the fork caps are 13mm above the clamp) and now it's railing singletrack like an xr or drz. I was able to go faster than ever on singletrack today with this setup, it really turns now.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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I am pretty sure the '00 uses the same size and type of sprockets. So the '98 should fit a '00. Once my new chain comes in, I'll be putting the 13 on for woods riding. I too am getting tired of using the clutch or stalling because it can't craw quite slow enough sometimes. Also the extra torque will be appreaciated.

What size chain are folks with 13/50 running? I wanted to drop the chain size by a bit to hopefully shorten the wheelbase slightly. This should help to quicken turning. I was thinking 112 links + master.

MotoGreg, From what you have done shorter wheel base raising the forks 13 mm do you get any head shake at higher speeds? thanks


2000 WR400F


I have motogreg's setup now. 13/50. 113 teeth + master. Raised forks almost as high as they will go (hmm, maybe 10mm?). I did the forks about a month ago, the gearing yesterday. I may be wrong, but moving the wheel forward may make the rear feel a bit stiffer as the "lever" is shorter. Can anyone confirm this? I couldn't feel it, but I only rode it a few miles on the street (no, officer, I didn't jump that curb!)

I rode down the street, ran a long straight into 5th gear (around 60mph), then let go of the bars to see if there is any shaking. There was NO headshake. If you go down 2 links, the mudflap will get in your way, not advisable.

It's the small changes such as these that transform the WR from a motocross/desert bike into a trail bike. A damn fast one! I will probably hold off on the flywheel weight while I enjoy the minor changes made thus far. Going for a real ride tomorrow including some really steep hills, I'll report back on how the shorter wheelbase reacts to the steep stuff and tight turning on the '00.

Yes i did the MotoGreg set up 13 mm on the forks one link removed and it corners really well in the tight woods, were before i had to look at the corner before i got there so i could pick my line, now i can take any line i want as i turn in to the corners, also jumps seem ok and high speed on gravel road is good too.

What do you think the down side is to all these changes? or is there any.


2000 WR400F

I would imagine (from other bike experience) the downsides to 13 teeth are:

-Less top speed for desert/dual sport

-Increased front sprocket wear (slight)

-Increased chain wear (slight)

-Increased chain lower roller wear (slight)

-Increased chain/swingarm protector wear (could be more than slight)

When the time comes for chain/sprockets, I will probably opt for a larger rear to help combat these problems. But since my bike is new, the $15 fix does the trick for now. (plus the $90 DID Vm-x chain, my stock chain is already stretched)

If the 99 and 98 are any guide a 12 Oz flywheel would make a big difference.

I reversed the footpegs to put them 3/4 inch lower and back, coupled with the high seat thing. To complete the package I set the bars forward 1 1/2 inch using riser blocks. The result is that I don't need to drop the triple clamps to get it to turn in the tight, best of both worlds. Stable in the straights and quick in the turns. I can get further forward AND further back, It's like the perfect bike. I have long legs but I'm 6 foot nothing, the difference would amaze you tall guys with big feet.

Okay, Harry - I'll bite.

How did you reverse/lower the footpegs? The mounts are welded if I remember correctly ( at work now - can't go check) - unlike my KX500 w/one bolt-on mount.


I looked at mine and removed one peg and compared it to the other side. There is no way I think this can work. My WR is a 98 so maybe the newer models have the pegs changed.

I'm 6'4" with big feet, if someone knows how to make this work without cutting off the existing and rewelding let me know.

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