Hi guys. I´m a new kid in the block (not in this life though) and after browsing around this web site since yesterday I have to confess this is really what I needed to enhance my happiness in this WRold (world?).

I've just received a suggestion from Mike (tks Mike !!) to put in this site a request of my own related to obtain a wiring diagram for a Y2K WR wanting to be a street legal weapon. I own a canadian model !!...in Chile (don't laugh at me pls). I used to be a street biker for so long time....till I saw the true light of my destiny in the montains, but anyhow I miss some part of the enchantment the street riding provides.....

The thing is the canadian model is more or less the same US model in devices but came with 12 liters tank + a silencer as ugly as itself (welded one), the electrical circuit for lightening is AC and for horn and turning lights it's required DC source, through a rectifier/regulator (otherwise they dont'work !!). I just purchased therectifier/regulator wired and fused Baja designs offers.

This is a special cry for help to Australian WR owners who have the luck to receive street legal bikes from factory and to those also lucky guys who own a Bajadesign dual sport kit in order to provide the wiring diagram I need to live.

Pls be mercy and send it to my fax Nr. (562)693377 or (562)693380 or e-mail me.

Regards to everybody (VIVA LA WR !!! :))


What Fernando is looking is this. Either a Baja design wiring diagram or the ozzie Wr wiring diagram. I would guess the ozzie diagram is probably the way to go per factory specs, but logic would hold the BD one would work well too. Fernando you will be pleased to know your bike already has the hi/low beam headlight as well as the tail/brake light. They just simply are not wired. Some folks use a manual horn (squeeze bulb type I assume) to avoid the wiring hastle.

Of course, if you get a diagram you have to tell us about the riding conditions down in Chile, I think we all are interested!

Good luck from Ohio! mcarp (mike carpenter)

I am sure others can benefit from this info-there seem to be lot's of do-it-yourselfers out here-

Fernando, Please leave your email address as I can hook you up with the Baja Design Wiring schematic!


Thank you guys !!

I'm not sure why I'm not a memeber yet despite I tried to register. Maybe I screwed it up during the process....Bryan pls help !! :)

Regarding Mike's statement, he's right. there is a front bulb with 2 filaments (Hi/Lo) the same at the rear light(position/brake) and are not wired.

As you may know folks, Chile is not a bouyant country, so all imported goods are surcharged by high taxes. My bike's value is abt US$ 8,200. A Jeep Grand Cherokee worths abt us$ 70.000 just for your reference !!!

Regarding spare parts for bikes, situation is fairly good (price and availability). Accesories wise not so good.

Chile is a beautiful country where you can skyiing in the morning and by car in a couple of hours later you can be at the beach.

Our topography and geography is generous so you can ride on bike almost everywhere but when a fence is there. Desert and climbing mountains are my favorites terrains, although going south is superb when a volcano is on the way.

Send me the wiring diagram to fbolt@stgo.codelco.cl.

Tks (VIVA LA WR !!)

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