Mobil 1 (auto vs Motorcycle oil?)Yes there is a difference

forgot to say see the FAQ ....

I just don't see the point in running expensive oils. I change mine so often, I know the oil has not broken down much, it's just dirty and the dirt particles will cause more damage than anything else. I am glad Castrol GTX fared well, that's what I run in all my bikes/cars.

One "bad" dealer (one that has given me crappy advice before) gave me the sob story about how great HP4 and spectro are, but they are just trying to sell the high profit goods. They also told me to not worry about bleeding my brakes until my lever hits the bars. Geez, if I waited that long, I would be in a casket, guys. What a--holes! Yes, they even said, "you aren't going to run castrol are you?" (no kidding) My "good" dealer advises to check/change the oil often, and stay away from friction reducing additives, regardless of the bike. They also remarked that the brand of oil isn't as important as frequent changes, and while they sold the good stuff, still steered me away from them. This was the owner of the shop, too.

Also DEFINATELY stay away from synthetics until the bike has at least 500 miles on it. More for street bikes. I personally won't run synth on the Wr ever.

Just mt $.02, whatever it's worth.


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The marketing hype for motorcycle oil continues...

For all the WR owners on this forum, I suspect that just about every car and motorcycle oil type has been run in a WR. The question is:

Has anyone had the dreaded "CLUTCH SLIPPAGE" attributed to car oils? :)

I have run Castrol GTX "car oil" and Mobil 1 "car oil" in my '99 WR. I change the oil frequently (~50 to 100 miles). I have not had a clutch slippage problem.

Just curious,

Eric in WA

Eric .....

I had a KTM LC4 600 EX/C and when I ran automotive Castrol Syntec in it guess what? :) Clutch slippage! It went away shortly after I Put Maxima (maxum 4)in it :D

So FWIW Im not going to run automotive oil in my WR400 or any of my other bikes.


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I've never had a clutch problem on a bike using car synthetic oil. I had one bike that I put 46,000 miles on the original clutch by the time I sold it. My current bike has a built up 1100 with major torque and there is no clutch problem. Supposedly the difference is additives to prevent the breakdown of the oil caused by the transmission gears. You should change your oil every 2 or 3 rides on a wr anyway so that isn't a problem.


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