Y2K Stator & CDI

I've been told that I can put the new '00 120 watt stator on my '99 WR (85 watt). The Yamaha CDI part number also changed for '00. Does anyone know if a '00 CDI would be needed as well, and why?

The '00 have 120 watt stators? I think my 98 has 80 watt. Anybody have their stators rewound? What did it cost? What does a '00 stator cost? Anybody running their '00 on the street?

I know a couple of guys who had their XR600's rewound. The rewound stators had two outputs. They ran one for the headlight, one for the engine & tail/brake light. Seemed to work pretty good. Only bummer was a two week turnaround without a stator.


I bought a street legal wr400 99. The seller told me he will repair the electric system to make it working at idle with no battery (he had no choice, signed contract!!). He was no able to do it with the stock winding so he sent it to rewinding. I should have news in a week.

Sounds interesting Robin. Leave a post so we know how it turns out. Good luck.

I had one of Baja Designs 250W stators on my '88 XR600 - thing was awesome. They run two 125W channels so if one craps out it just a matter of switching the leads to the most important circuit. I would have sold it separately if the damn original stator would have worked.

I'll probably have my '99 WR rewound to the 130W so I can run a 55/60 head light and possibly grip heaters. A friend has grip heaters on his XR and they are a godsend.


I don't know how much it would cost to put the '00 120w stator on your '99 or '98 bikes. I do know that Baja Designs can rewind your stock 80w stators and bring them up to 130w for $130 (I don't know how long the down time would be). I have a '00 which I am currently making street legal, so I have been checking into the lighting vs. stator output stuff quite a bit. I opted not to use the Baja Designs kit. With the stock 120w output, I can run the stock tail/brake light (6w/20w respectively) and the stock headlight (60w). If I decide to install turn signals (10w each), I may have to come down on the headlight wattage to a 35w bulb. Just remember that since the stator output is not at it's max. at idle, the lights will dim until you bring the r's up a little. Hope this is of some help.

Hey Brian, any idea how many watts those grip heaters pull?

I can answer the grip heaters question- I have the Kimpex (enduro engineering resells them) under grip heaters for both my street bike and my last bike which is sold. They do work great!!! I made the wiring a little different than what they ask for per an article in dirt rider written by Dick Burleson a few years back. I can describe this if anyone needs it. The grip heaters are around $23, I added a better waterprrof switch and also wired in a relay on the streetbike (probably overkill, but done professionally). Also used thicker wiring and heat shrink tubing-total cost was maybe $35 and worth it for cold weather.

The output is 15W on low, 25 on high. High is hot!!-only to be used when the temps drop below 50 or so. I was going to add them to my WR as well, guess I either haven't got around to it. It sounds like with the '00 120W stator, no rewinding should be req'd.

I used them several times even during the summer. I ride primarily in the early morning hours during the summer to avoid the heat (start riding my sunrise), and they do take the numbness out of your hands. I also thnk they helped with arm pump as the muslces in your hands are being warmed , thus more flexible.

My last bike was a KLR250. It had a 4 amp battery-no dimming of the headlight (100W/55W)when using grips, turn signals, and brake light.

Then I bought a battery eliminator from white bros, which saved around 7 pounds of weight, but did dim the headlight at low revs- I think the output of the stator was 140.

The dealer called me today to tell me that the rewinded stator is working. I did not go to see it working at true idle but I'll make sure that it is working before paying the bike. I don't wanna to run at higher than idle on a stop to make the flasher flash. I'll attract the cop's attention enough with this full trail bike on the road (I'm in a 1 millions people downtown city) so I really don't want to stay on a stop with the trottle at one third to flash :)

As soon as I tried the electric system at idle with the rewinded stator I'll post a message with the light spec and watt consuption. I have no idea where He rewinded the stator and how much watt it is going to develop.



I also own a 00 wr400 and as far as I know,to get the turning lights working properly as well as the horn, you should install a rectifier/regulator first, therefore the bike will have AC (for front &rear lights) and DC electric circuit for horn & flasher unit.

I don't know which rectifier/regulator fits best to my bike. anybody up there have any suggestions? Tks.



Baja Designs would probably be your best bet for getting a rectifier/regulator, and for clearing up any lighting or wiring questions you may have. I am currently using my bike's stock AC stator output to run the head and tail/brake lights. I have not decided yet if I am going to install turn signals. If I do, I will run them off of a separate 9.6 volt, 1420 milliamp rechargable NiMH battery (it's a remote control car battery found at Radio Shack). This battery will power a pair of turn signals for over two hours of continuous operation, which is more than enough time for any weekend of street riding. The battery could also power a horn. The battery can then simply be recharged overnight while you sleep.

As for the regulator/rectifier thing, it is my understanding that if you install one of these, you are converting the bike's entire electrical system output from AC to DC current. And it requires a soldering modification somewhere on the stator. Baja Designs can answer all your questions.

Hope this is of some help.

I went the past week-end to see the electric system work (see previous post on this serie). As the dealer said, the system is working great with no batterie, stator rewinded. This is a 99 model. The only funny thing is at idle with the high beam on, the flashers are flashing but the rear stop is flashing too (like having two intensities)!! Then it have enough current to make the flashers flash but not more than enough...

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