Insuring a Dirtbike against theft???Can it be done?

Does anybody have their dirtbike insured against theft. If so can you give me the name of your insurance company and a number to call. I thought i could cover my WR426 under my renters/homeowners policy but apparently they will not do this. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

I pay about $7 a month through State Farm for theft, vandalism and liability insurance for my WR.

Larry I have framers incs, my bike is coverd for fire and theft.


USAA - bikes are under my automobile policy. Homeowners doesn't cover them.


Progressive also insures in Texas -> 1-800-Auto-Pro

Be sure to check into adding medical payments, works just like on your auto insurance except does not cover you if in a race.

Mine pays up to $5000 with no deductible for medical expenses and was only $23 a year.

Sure helps out if you have big deductibles and copays on your medical insurance.


anybody know of a insurance company in pennsylvania that will insure bikes.. i didn't check with my parents company (house and our cars), but i probably will, but any leads would help... i don't knwo if you can even get them covered in PA???

progressive will i am sure. Try state farm. But it would be cheapest on your parentel units insurance. Really cheap. But if smoeone stole my bike i could get a new one as it is paid for so steal it someone i will leave the garadge unlocked. LOL Just kidding

Make it street legal, and your auto policy carrier shouldn't ask for anything more than if you got another car. I have USAA and I pay about $50 every 6 mo. for full coverage. I rarely put the lights and Baja Designs kit on, but it's nice to know it's covered if it's stolen from my garage or camp.


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