2000 WR400 For Sale

C'mon... Its one of the best bikes around !! Nearly 1000 off the new price... Somebody has to want it... :) HURRY

Hey Chuckles:

Why are you getting rid of your WR?

Part of the reason you don't get much reaction here is that most of us already own Wr's. I am trying to convince some of my friends to try dual sporting, but none have commited yet....

Heywood, I have a 96 RMX 250 and a 00 KDX220 as well. I can't ride them all at once :D and I could use the money for other things.

I find I enjoy the KDX of all the bikes because of my riding style and the terrain out this way. I am a smaller rider (5'7" 165) and I like to have a light bike to kick around. The WR IS NOT a light bike. I found it to be a bear in the woods at times. I installed a 13 tooth countersprocket, which is better, but I can go so much faster (at least it feels like it..) through the woods on one of the 2-strokes. Somebody else may think differently then me. In fact there are many who think the WR is the ultimite woods bike. Seems more suited to desert riding to me. I could probobly give it more of a chance, but I've made up my mind. I had some fun on it, but its just not "suited" to me.

I only put 88 miles on it. Mostly tight trails, very little fire roads. We don't have any open stuff out here, but I imagine it would preform outstanding if there was. The only changes I made to the bike were the sprocket, removed the baffle and the air-box cover, and installed new bars, grips, and handgaurds. The bike is mostly still stock. A few scratches. I broke it in nice and easy up to about 15 miles, took it for a short "real-ride" then changed the oil and filter. I guess its due again. The bike is in perfect condition minus some scratches on the plastic.

IF ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS WANT A BIKE TELL THE TO CONTACT ME :) Its a good deal and I'm trying to sell the bike without paying for advertising, which shouldn't be too hard.


Oh and maybe one of you guys with a 98 or 99 want to upgrade ?!?!? wink wink ... hint hint :)

Hey Chuckles, sounds like a killer deal. How far are you from Salt Lake City? I may just have to make a first time trip to Oregon, or maybe I could invite you down for the weekend?

I've forwarded the info to a couple friends that are looking for bikes.

Very low miles. First $5200 takes bike. I'm in Hillsboro OR. 503-690-0231 Leave message, I'll call back.

Thanks JamesD !!

Utahmotoman - its quite the hike. About 720 miles. You would be quite the man if you could pull it off in one day. I guestimate that is 12 hours of driving (yuck).

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