Power Core IV-2 in hand-Test this weekend.

I will be running in the desert this weekend. Will be running out of my camping spot near Charlies Place (Mojave Chris knows the spot). First I will be using my WB CF pro meg 15 disks and WB tapered head pipe. Will run this configuration Friday. On Saturday I will run the stock head pipe and the new FMF Power Core IV - 2. I could not get the Power Bomb header--still not released.

I have a feeling the WB setup will blow the doors off the FMF but will see.


I have been waiting for this Clark. Let us know ASAP. I turn 39 on April 30 and REALLY need something nice from my wife, like maybe a new exhaust!

Clark, do you have the SA (Spark Arrester) version or just the plain IV-2?


Three Cheers for Clark! :)

Please let us know how things go. Please, keep some of us low speed trail guys who are looking for added low end in mind.



Yes it is the SA model.



It seem to take forever for this pipe review. Thanks Clark :)

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