I'm thinking about adding a speedometer...any suggestions?

Go down to the local bike shop and look at the bike computers. Cheap, easy to install and a bunch of info...average speed, Max speed, distance covered...

Get one that is "wireless", that is there is no wire from the wheel pick-up unit to the computer.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I have bought a few of the cheap bicycle speedos, tried them & took them back.

The wireless one I tried didn't work, the didtance on the WR was too far. I mean the distance from where you mount the sensor on the brake carrier to where you mount the display on the handlebar.

The wired one have too short a wire to make it to the handlebar also.

I bought three different units, under $20.00 each. I tried each on my bicyle, they worked fine. I tried each on my WR, none worked. I took them all back & got my money back.

I have since read that you can just splice in a longer wire & they work fine. I guess they also make a speedo with a long wire for running to the rear wheel of a bicycle.

Still using my stock odo.

I have a Sigma Sports BC1200 mounted on my 426. I use an aftermarket magnet which is attached to my disk brake rotor where it attaches to the Hub. For the sensor I made a plastic sleeve (from the bc's box) which attaches to the shock protector bolt at the bottom.

I had to extend the cable from the BC as it was a bit short. I routed the cable along the front of the brake hose and across the handelbar to where the BC is mounted next to the clutch perch.

I must say that it works great and calibration is a cinch (checked it against my GPS). 137 Kph (85 mph) so far in the dirt (goat trails).

I also use the active time riding (one of the BC1200's readouts) to plan my servicing (like an engine hour meter).

Paul Card

00' 426

I run the Sigma 800 set up like PSC's, but I have mine mounted on the throttle side. You will need to splice the wires.

I have also had bad luck with the wireless types.

I recently got radar'ed by on of thoses road side displays and my speed was dead nuts on.

I agree. I've run them on a couple street motorcycles with good results. I've never tried the wireless type though. You have to look at the specs, some of the cheap ones only go up to 60mph or so. Also you need one that you enter your tire circumfrence in millimeters, not one that just accepts a few standard size bicycle tires. I also run the wire up zip-tied to the brake line. If you are interested in getting the oversize front brake they have an optional caliper bracket that houses the sensor. www.proforcebrakes.com


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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The bicycle speedometers I've tried worked OK until they got shook hard in the whoops. The displays then went crazy until beig reset. The cheapest ICO odometer has a speedometer as one of it's features and is stone reliable for true off roading. There are mounting instructions for each model and no splicing of wires required.

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