Moab Pictures

Tim from Utah moto adventures posted lots of AWESOME pictures of our day in Moab! They are on his web site at:

Thanks Tim!

I also put a few pictures on my pictures page.


Very cool pics Bryan. Looks like you guys had an excellent time. I sure wish I could have been there. I especially liked the shots of you guys crossing the Golden Crack on the Golden Spike Trail. Ive got lots of pics of me crossing it in my Jeep but never on a dirt bike. Too cool! I'm does your rear tire hold up after riding on that slick rock any length of time? I know I get barking the tires real good on my Jeep when traversing it. Also, have you guys ever climbed the Lions Back on dirt bikes yet? How do you guys patch trails together when your there, do you have semi-legal plates or do you pre position trucks at the trail heads? Do you just chance it and ride the edge of the highways? I would really, really like to hook up with you Colorado guys and do the San Juans and Moab together sometime in the future. Either trip is about 8 hours away for me when Im home in New Mexico. Ive been all over those places in my Jeep but never on my scoot. Always wanted to but never had anyone to go with, now maybe I do (if you dont mind me inviting myself).

Most of us have plates on our bikes Vincent and are legal on the highway. A few aren't so we try and cover them up when possible. It has never been much of an issue. If too many don't have plates, we would probably trailer to the trailheads.

I didn't cross the golden crack this year. I wimped through it. Last fall I crossed and bent my skid plate and frame slightly. Chris in Utah crossed and didn't even case!


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