My xr600r is a bit hard to start

Hello all,

I just picked up a 1996 XR600R with a baja kit and plated for California today and I am having a tough time starting it. when i picked it up the owner started it with flip flops on and only kicked it 2 times. He moved the choke and kicked it once and moved choke again and it was running. I may be doing something wrong. On my carb there are 3 choke settings. I got it started on the while choke was in the middle and if I moved the lever down to the bottom it would run but die out. Is the normal running position for the choke in the middle? I would like to add a slip on pipe to get more power due to its stock status and would like to know the best setup for low noise and power gain and easier starting. I keep readind about uncorking...Whats that?


Full choke, and turn the idle speed knob in about a full turn. NO throttle, put right hand over brake reservior to assure this.

First thing is to understand your choke settings. All the way down= No choke. First click up is 1/2 choke, all the way up is full choke. As mentioned, put it on full choke and give it 3-4 priming kicks to get some fuel in the chamber. Don't touch the throttle. Find Top Dead Center by kicking through until you feel the resistance of the compression stroke. Go past this about an inch. Return kicker to up right position and kick it like you mean it. It should fire. Once you get the hang of the "Procedure" you too will be able to start it in flip flops. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Ya, make sure you start at top dead center or youll wear out your leg.

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