Noisy Engine

The carb slide makes a rattling noise at idle, that is probably part of it.


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I got my 99 WR with 7 miles on it from the shipper today. Man this thing rocks. Fast, powerful, and handles well (this is totally stock, baffle and snorkel too!!!) Sheesh. Only thing is, the engine seems noisy. Not grinding or screeching, but lots of ticking type noises and mechanical noise. Is this normal? It sounds very similar to my FZR 600 did. I am just worried and anal since this is a NEW bike, and I want it to last a long time. Already did all the maintainance recommended in the tech sections, and am ready to ride more, as long as this is normal. I already have about 3 hours on it of moderate mostly flat trail riding.

My '00 rattled a a lot I thought when new, but smoothed way out after rejetting and engine break in. Check the setting posts,jetting section and archives. It should be fine after break in and some fine tuning with the carb. It will be even faster!!hahahahahaha. Seriously it's bad for your engine to rattle especially if your lean, rejet right away. But it will smooth out after 50 or so miles, be nice to it until at least then. Maybe we can help with recommendations for jetting(or at least the 98/99'ers out there).

Also tighten ALL bolts to spec including spokes. Not a bad idea to lube the steering head, shock, and swingarm.

Just my $.02 after running lean and practically NO GREASE in any bearing or pivot point when new.

I had an XR400 before the WR, and it was heaps quieter in the engine department, I was told that this normal for an engine with the stroke and piston height such as the WR.


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A short stroke motor with 5 valves is bound to make more noise than a long stroke 4 valve motor. And keep in mind the XR has a lower compression ratio and is tuned milder in general.

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