Anyone have a YZ seat for sale?

Looking for YZ400-46 seat or even just the seat plastic base.

Will pay a fair price and shipping.

I posted this the YZ site as well.

Also looking for who and where I can get the seat base (besides yamaha) if there are no sellers.

Please help!!!

IMS has the complete seat for $125.00. I just ordered one from my WR, got a used YZ tank (thanks, Kevin in NH). I believe they also carry the seat in components.



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards.

You can get the seat bottom from IMS for $40.00. I ordered the seat foam and cover from Gutts. They have 4 different seat foams. The have the standard height, standard height soft, 1" taller standard, and 1" taller soft. I elected for the cushy ride. It cost about $100.00 for the foam and cover.

Thanks, guys, I am calling IMS for the base, and want the nice guts cover and foam!!

Man I wish I never would have read this post. I spent $150 to get the plastic base (came with the foam and seat cover) and had to buy tall seat foam and longer seat cover. Total I think I spent about $250 just to have a tall YZ seat. $40 from IMS? Man I got screwed! Oh well, live and learn.


Darin from Missouri WR400F Pro-Tapers, Applied TC, Clarke 3.3, YZ seat, Scotts Shark Fin, FMF PC IV S.A., One Industries Hannah Retro Kit, WER Steering Dampner,Pacemaker Computer, Andrews Powder Coating-painted gloss black

I did order the IMS base-$43.50 including shipping. Also ordered the Guts Standard soft seat foam w/ competition grippy cover. $99. It looks like the best cover out there, we'll see. I'm 6'0", but didn't want the tall foam.

Total cost

$100 Used tank from Darin House (thanks!)

$43 IMS Base

$99 Foam and cover

$15 Petcock since YZ tank doesn't have one-Any suggestions ?? :)

Acerbis? Anyone have one for sale?



Oh, thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.! :)


All the hardware from my WR tank bolted right up to the YZ tank, i.e. petcock, cap, tank mounts.

I still need a petcock as I may swap the tanks back and forth for the long dist treks a few times per year. Maybe someone with a Pingel (higher flow petcock)has one sitting around?

I know a lot of companies sell them, any recommendations on one over the other?

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