Snowy Peak

Some people have been talking about Snowy Peak being re-opened now. Can someone please give me directions on how to get onto the trail? I'm familiar with a lot of Gorman and I want to try out Snowy Peak this Sunday. Thanks :)

Also, does anyone know how to get to the hot springs that is out there? I've heard it's a long ride out from Gorman to get to it but don't know where.


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The best part of Snowy trail is the top. I goes from the back side of the Alamo mountain loop down to Baker Cabin where I perfer to stop and ride the trail back up. You can continue down the Snowy trail past Baker cabin but its not as senic and not much fun. The trail now comea out at the bottom in a staging area next to the old Kings Campground.

You need to be street legal to ride from the SVRA back on the Hungry Valley/Gold Hill RD to Alamo MTN. If not then you will need a Adventure Pass to go back and Park at the trail head or to stay in the Gold Hill campground at the base of Alamo. From Gold hill I think you can still ride a OHV up the Alamo Mtn road to the upper Alamo Montain loop.

The trail down Johnson Ridge to the hot springs was closed to off road traffic about three years ago it was a fantastic trail that ended in the Hot springs. You use to pickup this trail out of Half Moon camp ground at the far wast end of the Piru creek trail. Just riding up Piru Creek all the way to Half Moon Camp can be a real adventure depending on how much water is in the creek and the time of year. I do not know if you can still ride from the upper portion of Piru Creek from the bottom of Miller Jeep Slide to Half Moon its been a few years since I'v done it.

About 15yrs ago you used to be able to ride in from Hwy 33, Lyons camp ground, to the hot springs another great ride but this access was closed about 15 yrs ago.

I'v very familar with all of the areas around Gorman, the SVRA and all the national forest trails in that area. Have ridden them for more years than most of the people on this forum have been alive.


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Thanks for taking the time to type all that out. I'm going to print it and take it with me this weekend and compare it to the map and hopefully I'll find my way.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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Anyone here a sportbike fan also? Then visit us here at


I rode Snowy last Saturday learned a couple of things -

1. I'm out of shape

2. I'm a sucky rider

3. I need a 13T counter shaft on this trail

4. The WR is way too stiffly valved on a rocky, single track trail. I was deflecting off instead of rolling over objects. I'm four clicks softer than stock on the fork & shock - still too stiff.

Clark's right - the upper portion of the trail down to the cabin is freakin' awesome.

The first couple of miles (from Kings Camp) is pretty good but then you hit a VERY LARGE sign that says "Experts Only - Extremely Steep & Rocky" or something to that effect. Take heed - I spoke w/Ranger a couple of weeks ago & he said they've had 5 helicopter rescues on Snowy since it re-routed/re-opened in Oct '99 - I now understand why. Riding from Kings Camp you come down some very, very steep switchbacks down to Piru Creek- I walked my bike around them. I would not want to ride up these switchbacks. Let me rephrase that - I can't RIDE up them. Honestly, I can't believe that the Forest Service routed the trial like this - it's only a matter of time before it's closed again due to erosion. The climb out of Piru Creek is a rocky single track cut into the side of the hill - if you go off the side plan on calling your insurance company and telling them the bike was stolen. There is another one of the "Expert Only" signs at the top of this portion if you're riding down from the top.

With all that said - Will I ride it again? Absolutely - hopefully next weekend if I get my knee brace back.

Hope to see you on Snowy,


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