Looking for a YZ gas tank...any for sale out there?

I'm looking for a Yz400/426 tank preferably but will buy and IMS after market if I have to. I don't really need all the extra gas in the stock tank for normal riding. Let me know if you have one forsale. Jay (513) 625-2388 home, work (513) 573-4589 pager 1 800 965-1461. Thanks!

There is a guy in North Dakota who responded to my Cycle News ad from 3 months ago. He wanted $200.00 for his YZ tank. I didn't tell him to go fly a kite, but I sure thought it.

I got a yz400 stock tank from the Yamaha dealer for something like $145 but that was discounted, I don't know what normal price is. I know a guy who has an IMS tank that he doesn't want and will probably sell cheap except it's white, let me know if you're interested and I'll ask him.


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