XL600 newbie questions

Hey gang,

I need the input of the Big Red Thumper experts.

I know a guy who bought a used 1983 XL600 a few weeks back. It was in decent shape when he bought it.


Well he took it out for an easy ride and about 20 miles into it, he heard a loud bang followed by a grinding noise. When he pulled in the clutch the engine died. He lost about 1/2 a litre of oil out of the Air filter box. He tried to kick it over. He got it to kick through with great difficulty and it sounded like a bucket of bolts. He thinks it is the piston.

Anybody have any other ideas what the problem may be? Cost?

How much would you pay to pick up this now "project bike"?



I think $500 for a bike that has potentially a wasted motor is too much. $250 as is, or offer to help him tear it down to see what the problem is. Then once you know what is wrong with it, you may realize that not buying it was the best thing you could have done..

Or, once you get into it, and know what it needs, he might not want to put any more money into it to fix it so make him an offer to take that "bucket of bolts" off his hands..

The bike looks good in the pictures, but bear in mind the '91 and newer have better brakes, suspension, and hopefully a lot fewer miles! You might be better off purchasing a newer one.

If you end up getting this bike and need some engine parts, get a hold of me.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure what the bike is worth, but felt that $1000 sounded a bit too much.

I think I will offer to lend the guy a hand to tear into it, but it sounds like he wants to wash his hands of it completely. I will see.

I think he has a better chance of making his $1000 if he parts it out on eBay.

Zrxer, I will keep you in mind if we do tear into it and need some parts.

I just picked up a 1984 with 9k on it that sat for 15 years for $400. $1000 is way out of line. I'll buy that lonely right mirror, lol.

I have motor parts too if you need any.

I just picked up a 1984 with 9k on it that sat for 15 years for $400. $1000 is way out of line. I'll buy that lonely right mirror, lol.

Thanks Guys,

I think you saved me from myself. I will wait to see what the seller does in the next couple of weeks and even offer to help him tear into it.

If the price drops to the appropriate level I'll be all over it like a fat kid on a pack of smarties.


With a broken motor thats a 300 dollar bike. Running and clean its barely worth a grand, maybe 1200 if its really nice.

I had one brand new...man what a fun motorcycle...it was $2,249 out the door

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