wr450 valve clearance

I've just recently checked the clearance after break-in on my bike. All the valves do check to spec, but they were all at minamum. Is this any thing to worry about

Hello Sir,

I also just got done checking my 06 Wr450 valve clearance. All specs like you said were at the minimum with the engine stone cold. I went ahead and put the next size smaller shim in knowing that the valve clearance would continue to tighten up as the valves/seats wear. Nom my bike starts easier, and seems to come on harder at low rpm. I didn't notice any change on the big end. Getting all the timing marks lined back up was a pain in the ass at first. I unbolted the exhaust cam cap and played with it to change timing. I also bought the hot shims kit so I wouldn't have to piss with running to a dealer. The kit was 82.95 I think. I hope this helps you. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.


Put another 10 hours on it and re-check...SC

My bike starts much easier and overall runs better with the lash set on the loose side of the spec. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Minimum/maximum...doesn't matter so long as they are in spec.

Mine were on the minimum from the factory on day one and they haven't moved a year later.

Minimum/maximum...doesn't matter so long as they are in spec.

Mine were on the minimum from the factory on day one and they haven't moved a year later.

+1, except i'm the third owner

Valve clearances are still in spec, but minimum side. Starting really can't get much better than almost perfect (as it is now), but if changing it to the looser end of the range makes it start even easier, i might consider it.

Hi Guys, I already had a 2010 DRZ400 for trail riding when the opportunity came up early on the year to buy a 2009 WR450 with 70hrs and 2300k on the clock.

The guy brought it from races in the Australian desert Fink Race and this bike had seen 1 race and has been modified with YZ450 GYTR Race pipe

Carbie jetted to suit and modified air box ,vortex digital ignition , MSC steering damper he had up graded to a 2015 YZF450. so he wanted to sell the WR

So after talking about the bike he says come down and take it for a ride , I went with him (I rode the WR he on the YZ) and I a can tell you although I've had dirt bikes all my life

and am now 51 (the guy I brought it from is 48) the speed he rode at frightened me. The WR was in great condition and was a Black GYTR edition .

He gave me a full set of blue plastics with it ,power bomb pipe (that he said was pathetic compared to the full YZ450 system) and original exhaust system.

and original digital ignition. the bike is in fantastic condition and we settled on a  price of $4500 I have spent about another $1000 on a few things ,

new chain and sprockets , had the rear shock rebuilt, and the front disc was warped so replaced so $5500 and the bike is like new.

as I said he rode a lot harder than me and when I asked about maintenance I.E Valve clearances he laughed and said they were checked once just after new

and said u look after these things and you don't have to touch them. I. E.  he said he changed oil every 10 hours and cleaned air filter after every ride.

so I have done the same and today I 100hours and 3000k so according to service manual was time to check valve clearance's.

My findings are this on inlet are Left 0.13mm on middle 0.13mm on right 0.13mm on exhaust left 0.22mm on right 0.23mm.

I was surprised they are spot on I don't thrash the bike but at times it gets a bit of stick. I change oil with Yamalube every 10 hours and filter every second change.

I also only use 98 octane fuel and I add a product called Flash Lube Valve Saver Fluid every time I fuel up ( I swear by this stuff)

The bike doesn't use a drop of oil and the power it has frightens me. I see the guy I brought the WR from at times and tell him how wrapped I am and how much power it has.

He grins and says wait till you start feathering the clutch at 120k an hour in top gear (Stuff me ).

I hope this info helps you guys wondering about WR service intervals my point is do the simple things and they are almost bullet proff









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