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NH Kev

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NH Kev

Yo bro, just been doing the working thing, every other week in down in Nor Cal. Just living the life of a panty salesman, selling to hot models. Actually, things have been good, rode one round of the WORCS last November, crashed my brains out, broke my bars and still finished second, saw all the pros, man are those guys fast.Finished 3rd overall in the OMRA Cross Country Series, and earned enough points to be moved to expert against my will. So I have 2 months to get in shape and go out to bang bars in the Open Expert class. I also bought a used KTM Adventure, planing a little dual sport / long range camping trips this summer.

How about you, is it riding season yet on the right coast, or is snow still out there pretending its winter. Are you going to make any supercrosses this year, I havent since Seattle went in the toilet, Sounds like next year we may get more supercross than we want.

Ever run and Klotz Coxox, oxygen enriched fuel, will it make more HP and will it make my bike run hot?

P.S. I just bought a fastline brake cable for the front and will be bleeding the lines as under inspection I noticed my back reservior has a glob of gook floating inside, looks like I cooked the fluid.

As they say madness is all self induced, but thats usually a good thing. Hope all is well.


Team Oatmeal Pie

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