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Just bought the 2000 WR and is my first thumper. Haven't been on a bike in 12 yrs. and used to race 2 strokes mx. Hated the bike the first day but now after a couple hundred miles really love the thumpers. Got a few questions if someone doesn't mind answering.

1. Was wondering what tire irons and bead breakers are recommended or is it too much of a pain to do yourself? Was looking at Moose 13" irons with handles and Stop & go int'l tire bead breaker. Also do you need the bead buddy off road tire tool that helps keep the bead down while installing the tire?

2. I guess there is a problem with the WR getting hot easy, is there any fix for it. Didn't they fix this prob on the 426 this year? Any recommendations on better radiator guards for protection or will that just make the heating prob way to bad?

3. I'm interested in purchasing the DSP pipe with tapered for better low-midrange, as most of our trails so far are climbing hills. What would be a suggested carb setting with that pipe. I'm in N. Kentucky Elev. 500'-1500' temps between 70-90?

4. Does the YZ seat and tank from IMS make a big difference. Does it just allow you to climb up further for corners and do you think it would make it more difficult to go down steep hills?

5. Didn't have the o-ring chains when I was racing before (at least not that I know of), has been suggested to me after hossing off chain, soak in kerosene, and use Zep 45 to lubricate it. Sound ok?

6. and final ques. How do you remove the airbox. It looks like it is a 2 piece box to me. Do you remove all the screws in the back of the box to seperate it?

Sorry for all the unnecessary questions, but am really looking forward to getting back in to riding again.





Devol or Thumper guards work good, see the post below on them.

Kerosene works perfect for cleaning the chain and lubing the orings.

Remove the seat and the top of the airbox has a bolt on lid that you have to remove to get to the air filter. Most people leave it off but you might want to go a little bigger on the main jet to compensate. Jetting specs are in the technical section.

What do you mean runs hot? As long as you don't let it idle for more than a few minutes it'll be fine. They come jetted very lean at idle and small throttle openings and that can make it get a little hotter at idle. Again, see jetting in the tech section.

The IMS tank/seat lets you get your weight forward for agressive cornering like on the MX track. It also makes the bike feel narrow between the knees.


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Kyle it looks like Greg cover the essentials as far as your questions. Check back in some discussions about a month or two back. Everyone had suggestions on tire changing. Where do yo live in Northern KY? I live about 20 miles noth of Cincinnati and I ride down in Dryridge at the Eaglecreek harescramble loop several times a year. Let me know we can hook up and go riding sometime.


Thanks guys :D Although I was trying to find out how to remove the airbox itself from the frame, need to clean out the box better than able to while installed.

Found the tips on tire changing printed it and am going to get the pvmt. breaker.

Jay, I live about 45-miles southeast from Cincy on the AA hwy. A friend and I wanted to go to Eagle Creek last Wed. but called ahead and was told it was too muddy. Guess he is particular not to rut up the place. Never been there how is it?

We wound up at Haspen instead and have only been there 3 times. Am really getting into this trail riding over the mx I used to race. Besides age and job responsibilities have prevented that from happening :)

Were you at Haspen a few weeks ago? Saw a WR there with a aftermarket exhaust. Mine is all stock as of now, but getting ready to experiment, esp. now with the help of this forum, Thanks Bryan.

Been out to Maysville yet? Lots of thorns (the reason I was asking on tire changing)

Didn't get a flat but saw a few people who did. The trick is in the open areas stay on the path (don't wander of in the pasture) and all the trails in the woods are ok.

He's got 2000 acres, $15 adult, $5 kids, after 4th visit, 5th is free.

Maybe we can hook up sometime, again I am new and cautious.



Kyle, you don't need to remove the airbox. Get the cover (I think it's made by Tri Air, can't remember, mine's at work) and it bolts on in place of the filter. Then just pull the drain nipple off the bottom of the box and wash it out. The cover has a rubber seal and won't let any water enter the air boot.


'99 WR400

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Anyone here a sportbike fan also? Then visit us here at www.insanespeed.com

Hi Kyle. Wanted to flwp on the overheating issue. Add a little Moose Juice or Redline Water Wetter (what I use) to the radiator. Works great! These chemicals help to cool the engine. The WR will get hot just idling for short periods, especially if your setting is lean. They are finicky, be patient with jetting.

My chain trick is to use the "grunge brush" on the chain-move the back tire while on a stand and brush away. I spray some WD-40 (there is great arguement of the use of this stuff, don't go there) to loosen debris and disperse water, but kerosene is a good recommendation too. I don't use it becasue clean up and availabilty is a pain. Then I dry it off and spray on lube. Looks like new after this 10 minute treatment.

Oh yeah, I live in Columbus, OH. Jay and I have been trying to hook up and RIP Southern Ohio. Jay has been very helpful in bike setup (thanks, Jay)-we are getting to know these beasts!!! Drop us a line if you have questions.

Kyle, sounds like we need to go riding soon. I'm suprised the old man at Eagle "rock breeding" Creek wouldn't open. We just finished reworking our bikes last year and went there for the first ride of the year. MISTAKE! We've raced there before and it always stays wet. We thought it wouldn't be too bad so we went. The mud was so thick and deep that we couldn't even roll down the big hills near the creek. The bike would stop in it's tracks going down hill and you had to give it gas to move it. I threw my chain off the same day. Becareful the place is tight and technical for this area of the country. I'm from the northeast originally and it's getting pretty close to the difficulty of what's back at home.

I've been out to Haspen a bunch of times but not this year. Talk to me about Maysville! I've never heard of it. Where is it? Maybe we can plan a group ride you, MCARP, my friend Mark and I. It takes me about 1.25-1.5 hours to get to Eagle Creek. Send some directions and if you need help on the bike don't struggle we've probably been in that situation before. Later


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