Reversing the foot pegs?

Harry at OZ was talking in a previous thread saying "I reversed the footpegs to put them 3/4 inch lower and back". Is this possible? Harry help us out here. The big goons at this site are very interested.

KerryT & Harry,

After reading that post, I went out to try it. Did you really switch the pegs - left & right? Or, did you just turn them over?

Turning them over seemed to accomplish what you mentioned, but left the slick side to stand on. Did you cut edges or teeth in them?


Once you go to my web site at then go to the "WR400" section, the select the "Hints & Tips"

If you have a look at the instructions, then have a close look at your pegs you will see how easy it is to do it.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

Almost a 2000' WR400

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