250f or 450f?

Apologies if this has been done to death.

I posted on another forum that i am intending to buy a wr450f for green laning / trail riding in the UK. According to one knowlegable bloke, i should re-consider, as.....

Green laning in the UK, in my opinion, requires a bike that gives you much finesse from low revs, and a wallop of torque from tickover for when you misjudge a slow obstacle. You do not want the rear wheel to spin up too fast when you are climbing through a mire, and you want a setup that means that you can use mid revs sometimes, so that when it does spin up, it does not do it too harshly. In this respect, a bike that gets a bit breathless at the top might well do what you wnat more easily when the grip drops away.

I may be doing the WR a disservice, but this just does not sound like what it was meant to do.

So then, do i buy the 250f or 450f?

Heres a youtube vid, showing what the terrain is like, in my part of the world


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