ORV Call In ***Save our Trails***

From Cycle News web site:

Blue Ribbon Coalition wants all off-roaders to call in on a USA Weekend phone in poll on whether ORVs should be banned from National Parks.

The number for a NO vote is 800-446-8406. It remembers your number so only one vote per phone number.

Loosing this poll will give the tree huggers more amo..........

>It remembers your number so only one vote per phone number.

It's a good thing I have two phone numbers at home and 36 at work... Gonna have a blister on my dialing finger!

I'am on it just sent 500 e-mails out to people on the net and they will send the no# to 500 more tree hugers won't know what hit them yaaaaaaa.

the no vote is 86% to yes vote 15%

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 500 thanks!

Wow, I wish I could get a list of 500 names. I'm planning on spending this evening sending a request to ALL the OHV sites I can find asking them to do the same. I would like to see some of our industry vendors and retails get behind these efforts. They seem suspiciously absent. "Hello? your market will be cut..."

Keep Mountain Bikers in mind. Remember that the Clinton/Gore greenies consider all forms of mechinized travel as OHVs.


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