Broken carby slide

Yep. Broken carby slide. It's happened to mine as well at about 5300km.(98 model).

First sign of trouble was the revs would not drop back to idle. About 1 km later, I stopped the bike and it would not restart, so I roll started it. talk about an awlfull noise in the top end. Naturally, stopped it immediately. Luckily, there was no piston or bore damage. But I am still $600 out of pocket.

A letter is on its way to Yamaha, as this sort of thing should not happen.

Any one know if the slide (throttle valve plate) has been redesigned or recalled anywhere?

What year is your bike and what years has been known to crack this slide? I have heard of 98's doing this. Hopefully this has been fixed in the 2000 model.

I think one of the changes listed for the '00 model is a new carb.

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