brake caliper trouble

I was changing my tires, took off the wheel and the front brake calipers are now stuck together so i cant get the rotor between them. tried prying them apart. I bled the brakes, then tried to pry them apart.

After bleeding the brakes i now have no pressure at all when i squeeze the front brake lever. bad situation.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Unless the pads were very nearly worn completely out, the caliper pistons should not have been stuck outward. What you apparently did to start with was to squeeze the brake while the rotor was out. But even then, you should have been able to force them back apart without opening the hydraulic system in any way.

I don't know what you mean when you say you bleed the brakes in the first place, but you have evidently introduced air into the system, and will now need to correctly purge the air from it.

Have you tried spraying the pistons with some WD-40 and giving them a bit of a clean(the guide bolts may need some grease too), they can get a bit gunky and tough to slide back into the seals? If worst comes to worst, the pistons can be pulled out(after you remove the brake pads) and cleaned up, but of course you'll have to bleed your brake again. Back bleeding is a good way to do your brakes, just use a syringe and hose on the caliper nipple and force the fluid backwards(can be a bit slow going) through the system.

thanks for your help guys. I got the wheel back on, just no pressure on the brake. I am going to try grays method of getting the air out of the lines.

thanks again

Once you're done(or any other time in the future) and you think the brakes may be a bit soft still, you can squeeze any little air bubbles out by putting a zip-tie around the front brake lever and handlebar, and leaving it like that overnight. Make sure the bars are turned so that the line is not higher than the master cylinder.

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