It pays to be honest

While riding today (on Earth Day, I took your advice Ron) I came upon a MSR fender bag in the trail. I picked it up and at the suggestion of my buddy Jason, I returned it to a trail bar at the end of our ride. (the Sprucewood at Rampart for you CO guys).

When I walked into the bar there were two guys in gear. One was on the phone to his wife pleading with her to come out and rescue them because he lost his truck keys. He said "Honey, they were in my bag and I lost it on the trail."

I then said "hey, would this be the bag you lost?". The smile on his face went from ear to ear. Not only did it have his keys but his wallet and a few tools. He and his buddy were so excited. he offered me $20 but I turned him down. I asked him to return the favor to someone some day. He insisted on buying my a beer. Then the bartender was so impressed with my honesty he also bought me a beer.

While driving home I was overcome come with a warm help your fellow man feeling. And I am conviced it will come back to me in good Karma the next time I am out in Moab :)


Dougie, '99 WR400

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That's cool Dougie! Us trail riders need to stick together. I'm sure someone will be there to help you someday. :)


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Did the two brews contribute at all to that warm feeling?

When doing something nice for someone. I've never accepted reward. I have always asked the person to return the favor to someone else in need. If enough of us do this maybe some day the world will be a better place.

Three roosts for Doug.......


Doug, that's excellent, stories like this gives me reason to believe there's still good people out there.


99 WR400




Doug, I a firm believer that people that ride dirt bikes are some of the best & nicest people on earth. Thanks for re-affirming that. Kudos buddy!


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