Bike Mags are a crock, go the forum !

While awaiting delivery of my 00 WR400, I am stucj with the net and bike mags to keep me sane. So I have bought and read all the ones out at the moment in Aus. so I resorted to buy the US mags that some stores sell. The first one was Dirt Rider, and I was amazed at the lack of knowledge inside.

The one comment that stood out the most to me was about the rear suspension on the MX400, and how they called it a Position Sensitive Damping (PSD). You would think that with the amount of KTM's and Husaberg's a mag such as themselves would have tested that they would know that it's Progressive Damping System (PDS). And don't get me wrong I am not just bagging out the US mags, but the Aussie ones are just the same. I think we will always get more sense and correct information from forums such as this.


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Almost a 2000' WR400

I haven't been impressed with many of the motorcycle mags either. They all seem to talk a lot and try to avoid saying anything that might upset an advertiser. I wasn't too impressed with some of the DirtRider mag riders. They had too many beginner to intermediate riders without giving you some way of judging how people of different skills react to a bike. Lets face it, the WR is a handfull to anyone without the skill level and proper setup for their size.

The best article on the WR400FM I've seen is in the May 2000 issue of Dirt Bike. It annoyed me that they want to drag out comparisons to other bikes until next months shootout. Still, they actually seemed to know something about setting the bike up properly, something none of the other mags seem to mention. They even swapped tanks and seats to see how that impacted handling.

Originally posted by JamesD:

They all seem to talk a lot and try to avoid saying anything that might upset an advertiser.

Come on guys. The mags are in the advertising business. The only reason those writers and editors have their jobs is to sell ad space. Check out Eric Gorr's web site for inside scoop. He left Dirt Rider for that exact reason. I support his efforts to go-it alone for truth – not hype!

In a forum like ThumperTalk, no one is making any money. Hence, opinions and recommendations flow freely. You must be careful who you listen to (that's your responsibility), but the info is always better.

Cheers to Bryan for his philanthropic efforts to our recreation!


I know what you mean, the mags don't give accurate enough info. It's almost like no one adjusts the suspension or gives any REAL setup tips that don't involve adding an advertiser's product. And the reports on the bike sound the same from mag to mag for the same period, then change their story 4 months later.

Also, how could anyone rate the MX400 as 99 Bike of the Year?? Here it is 1/3 of the way into '00 and still no Cannondale. :)

You watch next month the DRZ will be faster and have better suspension than the WR, thanks to their buddies at WB/Scotts, etc-and they will like it over the WR. Sorry folks, until ANY new bike is time and race tested, the jury is still out IMHO. Note this is not a crack on Suzuki or Cannondale-all the bikes now a pretty good. I was sceptical at Yamaha believe it or not. For Cannondale? It sounds like they are eagerly trying to produce an extremely fine product that will have few if any faults, and don't want to release just yet (and the manufacturing site problems they are having doesn't help). I can commend them on this, and am looking forward to advancements made in our sport due to their extreme efforts.

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