To tall

Proud owmer of WR400, great bike only problem is I need tips on how to get closer to the ground 'apart from falling off'

I need to know the best mechanical options for lowering the bike.

Any useful contacts would be appreciated, along with costs involved.

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Lower the forks in the triple clamp. Get a spaner wrench and loosen the large bolt on the rear shock, move it up a bit. You may also soften the dampners on the front and rear depending on if you are a woods, desert, or moto-cross rider.

Thats all the 'no-money' fixes I can think of. You may also try shorter/softer fork springs.

Should be a spacer in the forks that can be removed. Also, a thin spacer can be installed in the shock to stop it expanding out to full length, but this should be done in a shop, hence a few $. Had mine lowered about 25mm. Works fine.

Get some platform shoes....short arse


Thanks Darren for your comments. I have not tried platforms, however I attempted to use some stiletto's but the heels kept breaking off. I have heard you can get a nice heel in Cuba. See you at the Hare and Hounds race on Sunday. Numbers are as follows: Paul 222 riding a WR400 00, sporting AXO apparel, wearing clear body armour, Darren 221 riding a WR400, sporting AXO apparel, wearing ..... body armour, deja'vu. The scrutineer's will have fun and games with the mud munching twins.


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