Rain race......goggles/not.....tearoffs.....help!

My first ever hare scrambles is this Saturday and it is supposed to rain :). I do not ride much in the rain.....can u use tearoffs in the rain? does rain-x work on goggles? any other rain related tips wopuld be very much appreciated :D :D thanx


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Rain can and will make it under your tearoffs. RainX may be your best bet. I know that stuff works fantastic on my car...

Wedge, It is a hare scrable, so you will be passing the pits every lap. I suggest (if possible) 3-4 pair of goggles. Have a fresh pair for every lap if needed. I do. Having vision is better than trying to struggle seeing around mud for 2 hrs.


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Wedge, the Rain-x doesn't work too good on Lexan lenses. I tried it once but if you ever watch street racers they use a small piece of rubber like a "wind shield wiper" that slips on your index finger that you can wipe your lens off with while you ride. It works ok for mud if you wipe it off right away. Good Luck :)

Most street gloves have the piece of rubber built into the left glove these days. Not sure how it would work on goggles but it works great on a face shield of a street helmet.

I raced the Morganton GNCC in the rain and heavy mud. I took an old goggle lens and taped it to the end of my visor (reduces the amount of rain hitting the goggle and gives you extra protection from roost). I used goggles with 5 tear offs and kept a pair in my fanny pack. Unfortunatly it was so warm and humid, after the first mile everyone was taking their goggles off and riding with out.




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There is a "GOGGLE TECH" page in the May 2000 issue of DirtBike that you may want to look at. It has some rain suggestions.

It ended up just drizzling, but in the first hundred yards, it was so humid that i fogged up real bad :) so i rode without them the rest of the way.....had to duck my head from the mud roost! contacts and mud are a bad combo :D



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