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How loud is the big gun exhaust compared to the stock muffler with the baffle removed? Is the factory muffler a megaphone type? It looks like one to me. Big gun claims their mufflers are quieter than these, any opinions? How is low end power with one of these compared to stock?

Hi Tom

When it comes to low-end power & torque I was

amazed at the differnce.In the tight stuff (trees,hills etc.)just hold on like hell couse it'll keep pulling(no lye). But I was coming from a Canadian (non removable spark arrestor)silencer. To a wide open BIG GUN SDS pipe and silencer. As for the noise well let’s just say they’ll here ya comming. From a long ways. :)

Enjoy The ride...


I have the standard Big Gun system with the tapered head pipe. As far as noise is concerned, I would say that it is almost the same as the the stock muffler with the baffle removed, it definitely is not any quieter. Big Gun does sell a quiet core that is supposed to bring the noise level down, but I don't have any plans to try it because I'm very happy with the exhaust the way it is now. As far as power is concerned, I felt a very noticeable increase in power over the stock pipe/muffler, especially in the low to mid range. Hope this helps.


Hey Tom-

I have the SDS system on my YZ426 and found the exhaust note to be about the same as stock but quieter when the motor is making it's best (AWSOME!) power in low to mid range. Yesterday I started up a steep rocky hill from a dead stop and the bike pulled so hard it almost left me behind, plus it wheelied about 3/4 up the hill! The stock exhaust is pretty good but this one is a huge improvement!


Their web site:

I posted this before but here it is again:

"Competition core-98-100 db (No power loss) Quiet Core- 96-97 db (No power loss) Super Quiet Core- 93-94 db (Slight power loss

with this core) These cores will only work on Big Gun exhaust systems. "

Also, the spart arrestor is sold separately and reduces the sound level further.

"The race core puts out 96 decibels"

"The quiet core puts out 93 decibels"

You said big gun sells a quiet insert? how much does this restrict the muffler? How quiet is it?

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