So you have to remove the stock header to change the oil filter?

I just got my Y2K WR400F and I'm going to change the oil after my ride tommorrow I haven't really looked at where the oil filter is but I understand that you have to remove the header in order to remove the filter. If this is true does the White Bros. S-bend enable you to remove the filter w/o removing the header?Or the FMF power bomb? Any suggestions?


Mike from Oregon


The oil filter is located just below and slightly underneath the header just in front of the clutch cover. You don't need to entirely remove the pipe, just loosen the muffler clamp and the flange bolts and you can rotate the pipe far enough to get at the oil filter cover. Most aftermarket head pipes are routed so that you can access the oil filter without loosening anything. To answer your other post about whether its worth the 250+ for an aftermarket exhaust, I'd say its not the most bang for the buck, but in addition to a modest performance gain, you also get easier oil filter maintenance and a more trick looking exhaust.

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Iput on the FMF header($149.00) and it totally clears the filter housing. clear access means that hopefully i will clean filter more often, like i should :)


99 WR400-FMF 909 topclamp,FMF MegaMax II full pipe, IMS seat/tank,Renthal bars,Acerbis rally pro guards

Another alternative is let the guy at work who says he use to ride all the time take it for a spin. Like a moron believe him, and then watch him drop it on the header side with the first twist of throttle. That way the header pipe gets pushed up just enough where the oil cover is accessible without the header pipe even being touched. Although, the guy payed for a new headerpipe ($160) since the bike was brand spanking new, I have not installed it as the original one still works fine and now has the added benefit of not having to screw with it to change the oil.


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