Modifications to WR400 which I am considering. The only thing I know about the engine is it runs on petrol. 'Everyone has to start somewhere'.

Has anyone fitted the YZ426 throttle stop, to their WR400 2000. Does it work, (is thier a throttle stop on UK bikes), if so could you provide contact name/address, to allow me to purchase.

Other modifications are the YZ400 timing. How is this set up and how good is it once you run with it.

13 tooth front sprocket, is this a better option than the 14 tooth standard sprocket.

Suspension set up, I weigh 78 kilo's with apparel, which set up is the best to run with at this weight.

My home town is Milton Keynes UK, any idea of the nearest Yamaha dealer whom can assist with aforementioned and advise on bike set up.


[This message has been edited by DAVID BULMER (edited 04-23-2000).]

I just cut the stock one to the proper length. No point in saving it.

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