Adjusting Seat height - XR650L

MARTIN did u check out racetech? its a good site for seeing what springs are for the weight, it says 11.5 for you I know you can make do with stock springs but you would be surprised how much better you would feel with a spring for yourself. I have a spring another bike that was for 230 lbs let me do some research to see if its same length and all other dimensions to see if it will fit a L and ill let you know maybe i can dump it off to ya and help ya out a bit ill get back with you when i get the info

ya cool site. hey that would be killer man! :thumbsup:

I'm 210lbs.

Modify your seat.

Take the cover off of the foam.

Use an electric carving knife to sculpt the foam to the shape you want.

Take the pieces to an upholstery shop and have tham modify the old cover to make it fit the new shape.

Even though there is less foam, I think the modified seat is more comfortable.

It works like I gained about one and a half inches of leg length and can now tippietoe with BOTH feet at the same time when I am stopped.

I'm 210lbs.

Jay if you wanna lower it i would save your $$ for the lowering bracket, if you cant get it now, cuz if you losen the spring with your weight its gonna throw you around.

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