Looking for a budget slip-on pipe

I just picked up a stock xr600r and would like to know what would be best the slip on around $200 that will give me more power and not alot on sound because it is a plated xr and I would hate to get pulled over. Also I am hoping to just use stock header and mid and just attach the slip on to it. If I need rejet that okay also..Thanks

I just put this on mine and while it's certainly louder then stock it's still certainly acceptable.

I didn't ride my bike enough to give a honest performance review and still need to do the smog removal and carb mod so they all work in conjunction with each other.

Most other after market pipes I personally don't like because their so loooong, I think the E series is balanced out perfect length wise.

You will have to find a used one though as they stopped making them.

Many like the Whie brother E 2 series also, which is their newest one and replaces mine of course. They are in the 325-350 range though, not sure you'll find one for 200 ?

I won mine on ebay for 250 I think.


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