Leaky Forktubes

Has anyone had problems with their fork tubes leaking? They leak between the upper fork tube and the collar that holds the fork seal, I spoke to Tom at Fineline Motosports, and he said they have had problems with Yamaha forks leaking and to try to get Yamaha to fix the problem, if not, he said to use an epoxy sealer around the groove on the forks. I went back to Hahm Motorsports and they gave me the usual run around, saying it is a dirt bike with no warranty what so ever, and it would be a great expense to me to get it fixed, even though this is a part that is pressed together at the factory and cannot be taken apart by myself or any shop. If anyone has had this problem I would like to know how you took care of it?

Keep rippin' and be safe!!!!!

Tony Fish

Hello, I had the same situation when fineline changed my fork seals, this also happend to my dads 98 wr400, Tom put a bead of epoxy around the top of the seal area and I've had those seals with no leaks for over a year of racing abuse, I dont like the fact my forks have glue on them but they seem to work fine, See Ya, Dan Lorenze

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