Is an aftermarket pipe'n'silencer that much better than the stocker w/o baffle?

If I get an aftermarket exhaust system for my Y2K WR400 I'm pretty sure it is gonna be a White Bros. E-series or an FMF PowercoreIV

But are these THAT>(250$ or more) much better than the stocker with the baffle removed?Thanks for any replies!


Mike from Oregon

BHE - An aftermarket pipe like the WB's e-series or FMF is going to give you a power performance boost. The question is - is it worth the price to you for that boost? You also gain a savings in the weight department with alot of the aftermarket pipes.

I installed a White Bro's E type exhaust last year and the perfomance gains are outstanding. The header does not come with a guard so if you fall on the right side you could really burn yourself. The pipe gets red hot. Noise has increased which has been the only downside. I love the sound but it is really loud. You can tone down the sound by removing discs if you ride near populated areas.

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