Sorry to deviate from the main subject WR400.

After advice on full range of clothing so lets start at he bottom and work upwards. This does not necessarily mean the clothing must be the most expensive just what you may consider to be the best product on the market at present.

Boots best make and model available moto cros and enduro.

Pants moto cross and enduro.

Knee pads.

Jackets enduro.

Body armour best make and model.

(For enduro would you require full body armour or just the chest protector).

Helmet best make and model.

Gloves best make and model.

Elbow pads best make and model.

Goggles best make and model Enduro.

Thanks David.



Here are my thoughts on riding gear:

First and foremost get quality gear that fits well - life can be pretty pretty miserable if it does not fit well, besides ill-fitting gear does not offer the best protection.

Helmet - get one that fits & is SNELL 95 approved - I wear a XXL HJC.

Boots - I have a thin foot. Finding footwear is tough. MSR Rage boots (size 13) fit well when shimmed with the appropriate thickness of socks.

I wear and recommend Knee braces with kneepads - they are spendy, but what is the cost of a blown knee and missing weeks of riding? For me, they are good insurance. I have XXL EVS kneebraces.

Elbow pads - I use Rollerblade pads. They are inexpensive & provide great elbow and forearm protection - even on the rocks.

Goggles- Scott with double lenses. They work great to prevent fogging.

I wear earplugs - an uncorked WR/YZ is hard on the ears.

Pants (FOX), chest protector (Moose off-road), kidney belt (Answer), gloves (Moose off-road) – I buy what fits me well and don’t worry so much about making a fashion statement.

Jersey - I wear a cotton long sleeve T-shirt in warm weather a sweatshirt in cool weather.

Eric in WA


’99 WR400, YZ timing, IMS Tank, YZ Seat, Acerbis Handguards, Scotts Steering Damper, Renthal Bars, Yamaha Full Skidplate, Devol Rad Guards, Dunlop 755F & 756R Tires

’99 Polaris 400 Scrambler –“Trail Couch and Lunchwagon”

’99 Honda Z50R

’97 Honda XR70R

Kubota L275DT and an assortment of farm equipment.

When you look at pants you'll need to decide if you want padding. The Thor pants I have are more expensive but they have foam hip pads.

Something else to look at is what type of riding you'll do. If it's Enduro/trails in a wet climate, you might want something waterproof and breathable for pants and a shell. If you ride in very hot conditions you might want to try some of the more breathable gear.

Hey David!

Here are my thoughts;

Boots- Alpinestar tech 8's all the way! They are expensive but try them on you'll see for yourself. $289-315

Pants- Moose XCR. The most comfortable pants I found. I like XCR jerseys as well.

Knee Pads- Fox. I can't remember the model name but they are not the "pivot" model. They only make two models as I remember.

Jackets-If you want water proof the MSR($300) or the Moose($300) is the way to go. If not then look at the Thor ($139).

Body Armour- I personaly think that HRP flash jaks(around $100) are the best fitting.

Helmet- I own an Arai VX-Pro (list price is $520- I got mine for $359). If you don't want to spend alot of money but still want a very good helmet look at the HJC models. They fit damn near as good as an Arai and surely as good or better than any others, including the Shoei! The main difference is liner quality and ventilation. You can even wet down the interior of the Arai and because of the excellent ventilation it acts as air conditioning!

Gloves- I like the Fox Flex Air($35) I think they are the most comfortable, fewer annoying seems.

Elbow Pads- I know alot of guys that use the big hard plastic pads and like them I just can't see wearing something that big. I've crashed with the best of them and found the Fox soft foam elbow pads ($18) work just fine. They also fit inside your jersey.

Goggles- I wear the Smith SMX Regulators I found that they give the best ventilation and the best peripheral vision. What ever you buy just make sure they are compatible with the Roko Quick Strap. I'm not going to go into what it is, just know you NEED them!

I tend to do alot of looking around and alot of research before I buy and these suggestions are what I found that worked for me. That's not to say they are for everyone, especially when it comes to the way things fit...


Hey what can I say I was bored!!!!!!

Good Luck!

JJ in WA

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