What are the best dual sport tires on the market. Not all tires are available in the UK, at present.


I had two xr650l and one klx650 (dual0sport) and used to use the pirelli mt21 on rear and front. I liked them and they do not wear too much. They are rated 90/10 off/on and got some award for the dual sport tire of the year by some popular bike mag.

New is the dunlop rear 606 (the front one doesn't have the same number. I thing it is rated something like 80/20 but the thread pattern seems more spaced than the mt21. However, I don't know if thread spacing is necessarely related to wearing.

If you plan to do more street than off road, the michelin cirrac is an expensive way to go. I think this is a tire targeting the bmw 1100gs and the tiger 900.

I just bought a wr400 dual sported with the michelin cirrac but I did not tried it yet. I should get it in a week maximum.

I forgot to say that they both have a web site to see the thread pattern and some comment (real or sponsored one???)

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