Need advice, what sand tire should I buy?

I have no idea what paddle tire I should buy. Should I go with a 8 or 10 paddle? What is the difference? I am going to coose bay Oregon next week for 3 days to ride the dunes. Is there any particular style or size I need to buy?

Since Coos Bay has water, dirt roads/trails, etc, I'd suggest that you just use a soft-terrain knobby. Paddles rip off, unless your in really dry loose sand.

I recomend an 8 paddle. had one, loved it, wore it out, picked up a 10 paddle, and its almost too much traction, especially with a wide ratio tranny. felt much better with the 8 paddle. I also recomend Kings Turbo tire that thumpertalk sells, the little fins that don't look like they do much sure do. much better steering ect. with it.

ya i'm with arwun on this one. paddles area a bitch to install becasue of there huge sidewalls, and, if you are gonna be on a trail or anything that isnt deep sand, it will just detroy itself (and your kidneys too), so i wouldnt advise it.

i would go with a really deep knobby that has all the knobs lined up like a paddle though. gets me through the sand just fine

but, it you ride pure dunes and desert style stuff......... then go with the 8 paddle for sure

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