Throttle Stop

This weekend I pickup my new 450. While, at the dealers, and before buying, I mentioned I wanted the throttle stop thrown in on the deal. They have agreed to do it.

If I have this done will I need to do the rest of the mods right away, or can I do the rest over time…?

I remember reading about backfires and the AIS…grey wire…rejetting. I don’t want backfires.

yes, as you have now allowed the engine to get more fuel but your carburator is still jetted as if it is receiving half the amount of throttle.




So if I have them rejet while they are working on the throttle stop will I be good to go?


The short answer is: the new throttle stop gives you (by far) the greatest increase in performance compared to any of the other free mods. So yes you can replace the TS and ride....... end of short answer

Also, take 15 minutes and pull out the binoculars in the air box, clip the grey wire (under left number plate- 6 pin connector) and remove the exhaust insert. All are easy to do and take a minimal amount of time

Are they installing the new throttle stop or are you?

The reason I ask, is getting to the carb requires a little time and effort and if you are going to do the work, you might as well re-jet it while you have it apart. If they are going to do it ask them to install a 168 Main Jet (a 2 minute job once the carb is accessable) reports are the bike is jetted very lean in stock form. Ideally, I would have them install the JD kit during the Throttle stop change, if they are doing the work.

Living in Maine, your riding elevations are basically Sea Level to 1300 MSL (which is similiar to my area) and JD recommended the 168 jet and red needle with clip in #5 position, so I would think the 168 would be a quick improvement for you.

Good Luck,


Very Cool..!

Thanks for the info. I will have the dealer do it since they will be doing the throttle stop.

I can't wait...this is gonna be Great..!


One last thing. Spend another twenty bucks and have them install an adjustable fuel screw (not included in JD kit). It will be a huge time saver in the future.

Take Care,


Will Do..!

Thank you for the help..!

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