Where did Heywood from pics get his quick connect street equip.?

Please help!


Mike from Oregon

I started with the Baja Designs kit. I have since replaced a lot of it. It was a good way to get my bike registered quick. Since then, I have just been going thru it and fixing the stuff I didn't like.

They use those single wire "bullet" connectors and located them in such a way that nothing is easily removable. There ends up being a big ball of them in the airbox.

At first I just cut all of the wires to the rear fender and put a connector there. I mounted everything up front to the stock headlight (flasher, horn, turn signals, etc.) and put another connector there. I have a YZ # plate and a YZ rear fender I swap with the WR Headlight and fender.

I have been replacing all of the wiring and will eventually replace the Baja electronics too. I am an Electrical Engineer and I have access to all of the parts and tools for that kind of stuff.

If you have any specific questions, I would be glad to try and help.




It sounds like you've got the whole quick disconnect thing down pat. Is there any way to post the information that you think would be helpful to know when installing things like the horn, turn signals, brake switches, license plate light, hi/lo/on/off switch etc... in the tech section.

I personally dont want to spend $400 for parts I dont need from the BD kit and would like to know the best way to install only the parts I want.


JJ in WA

We should come up with wiring diagrams and sources for all the parts to duplicate a Baja Designs type of kit on our own. For other bikes people could just make minor changes to the parts list and create a new wiring diagram. No point in everyone spending $400 or more.

I made my own wiring harness for my '88 XR600 - the $400 for the complete kit - wiring & hardware - from BD is well worth the time & aggravation. The biggest headache was the left side switch gear - you either have a 7-8 wire connector or 7-8 butt connectors. Not a clean set up.

The problem I see with 'ganged' connectors is having to cut/splice wires when I break a turn signal - did it last weekend. The other obstacle will be the size of the connector and the hole that must be cut in the rear fender to pass the connector. The other option is to attach the gang connector after routing the wires but this will require the removal/replacement of the entire fender assy.

Just some thoughts....


The main connector from the Baja Designs switch assembly to the harness is a universal Waldom/Amp brand connector. Part number 618-10, cost $2.57, available at good electronic stores.


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Let me clarify my earlier post:

On the XR I had to lengthen the wires coming out of the switchgear in order to get the multi wire connector behind the headlight. Otherwise I would have had the plug out there about halfway between the left grip & the handlebar. I used a trailer wiring plug to make the connections behind the headlight.

I'm not a big fan of the AMP/Waldon or Molex type connectors for this application but they seem to work.

One could avoid the problem I had by rewiring the switchgear or making sure that the leads are cut long enough when getting the switch gear off a donor bike.


JJ and JamesD,

Baha Designs is happy to sell components from their kits and most parts are reasonably priced. If you buy a few parts they would probably give you the installation instructions and wiring diagram.

Twice I have made complete kits from scratch for my bikes and it's alot of hard earned work. In retrospect - Baha Designs Kits are worth the money for a full up street kit with signals, relays, switches, etc. Simpler add ons may not be worth paying for the kit but BD is still a good source of technical advice and very accomodating.

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