XR600R newbie question

Hi guys, I am kinda a newbie and have a newbie question. I currently ride a XR600R. It has been dual sported and I ride it to work mostly. The problem is when I do hit the trails I am either riding on my street worn DOTs or I have to change my rubber. I would like to get another set of wheels and tires. All of that to ask if the wheels from say a XR400 or 650 or other bike interchangeable with my 96 600r?

Yeah they should be. The only issue to check is the bearing size. As long as it matches your axle your fine. If you need to swap out the bearings, any bearing shop (Moore, Chicago Rawhide ect.) can get you the right ones and it will be fairly inexpensive.

Good Luck

Here's the information I got from Paul at Motostrano:

36-spoke front hub/wheel is interchangeable among XR650r, XR650l and XR400r models of similar years.

32-spoke rear hub/wheel is interchangeable with XR650l model of similar years.

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