Phone pole on banning bikes!

USA Weekend is running a phone pole on whether OHV's should be banned from national parks. :) To vote NO call 1-800-446-8406.

I voted no from my house, my brothers house, my mom and dads, and my cousins. Just trying to make sure we get the votes! :)

If you want to see the results as they stand at the moment you can go to Last I looked we were kicking butt!


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77.2% No votes!

keep going guys. they are catching up. the word is out to vote yes. they are over 20%. vote no often as you can. I have found that internet posting does not cut you out, like the phone. vote often via the internet.


Check out the "guestbook - Comments" area on the website...

It's a riot! :)

Mike and everyone else,

unless you go in and remove the cookie they put in your internet files after each time you vote, you will not be able to record multiple votes!! It is listed as "cookie" with the name "".

If you try to vote more than once, it sees this cookie and will not record another vote from you.

Hey, the eco-nazis don't play fair so why should we? I guarantee you they're doing this! Probably have a bunch of old retirees who have nothing else to do sitting around stuffing the ballot box. Or getting someone to write a program to auto-stuff it....

I have been watching the stats and it looks like the anti's are starting to vote, we need to get the word out to everyone to vote, or the table could turn!



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