Need A Good But Not Super Expensive Helmet Cam?

I Have No Idea What A Good Helmet Cam Would Be And I Would Like A Good Firm One That'll Hold Up Against Trees And What Not. Not Saying Like I Want The Best Of The Best But I Would Like A Good Durable One And Also Whats Better Digital Or Video? I Have Like Maybe A $650 Limit Give Or Take $100 Depending On What Bills Come Up...(dirt Bike For Instance) Anyways So If Anyone Has Good Advice On A Decent But Inexpensive One Please Help, I Just Wanna Record Some Things And Me And My Freinds As Well...


Try this place.

I got one from there and have only used it once so far, but it seems to be really good quality. I got the whole kit, with the DVR.

I bought a motosport helmet cam from cycle gear with recording device for $359.00. It's also a mp3 player and a digital camera. I've used it 5 times or so and it works great. Buy re-chargable batteries for the recorder they go quick.

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