stock 85-87 xr600 gas tank

does any one have one? I bought an 87 xr600 from a guy in the Denver area and I noticed that the tank or the seat seemed wrong for the year, but not until after the tank melted to the motor did I know for sure.

So...any one got a stock tank for sale:ride:

I have an XR tank from that vintage. I just don't know if it's off of a 600 or maybe an RFVC 500. I'll try to get some pics this weekend or before.

If you don't have any luck finding a stock one Clark makes an aftermarket tank for that bike.

thanks for looking I appreciate it. The 600 I have is an RFVC dual carb

thanks...I have located one of those on ebay if I can't find a stock one.

I have a stock tank, if the one on Ebay doesn't work out.

I would rather get one from a fellow TT guy

See my PM reply.....happy to help out.

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